How does The Towers protect my student’s privacy and confidentiality?

Housing and Residence Life takes great care to protect the confidentiality of our residents. Information will be posted/released under the following circumstances:

  • First names of students on door decorations.
  • First names of students on bulletin boards (for building community).
  • Full name of student when an award or recognition has been achieved.
  • Full name of students participating in a leadership group or association.
  • Staff who need to create floor lists.
  • Staff who wish to create social networking or electronic communities, or other forms of communications between residents.

Residents will be given the option to opt-out of these lists, electronic communities or communication.
We are not able to share information with family members regarding roommate conflicts, judicial issues, or other student conduct related issues. Should your student bring an issue to your attention, please encourage them to contact the Housing and Residence Life staff members directly to resolve the situation. If your student wants us to discuss these matters with you, they will need to provide written consent and discuss this option with us personally.
Please know we will contact you if your student is involved in an emergency situation.