Move-out Instructions and FAQs

Q: When can I check-out of The Towers if I am moving home or another location (not Queens College)?

A: You can move out and check-out beginning immediately. Please do not forget to return your keys to the Courtesy Office in the lobby. All residents should plan to complete their move-out by Thursday evening.

Q: How do I check out?

A: After removing all of your belongings from your room, fill out an express check out envelope at the front desk, place your keys in the envelope, and drop the completed check out envelope into the drop box.

Q: Will I be charged for cleanliness or not cleaning out my room?

A: No – we do not want you to worry about cleaning. Please try not to leave trash in your rooms but dispose of it properly in the trash rooms. Also, we are working on possible donation areas for clothing and food.

Q: When can I move to Queens College?

A: Queens College is still preparing the residence hall for move-in. A schedule for Towers residents to move will be updated as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to inform The Towers staff that I need to move to Queens College?

A: No. The Towers team gathered your information by the survey and personal outreach during the past week.

Q: How are Dorm Project students being accommodated?

A: Dorm Project students were also surveyed and included in the information shared with Queens College. For any Dorm Project related questions, feel free to contact or your CSC.

Q: How do I return my keys if I already moved out?

A: Please mail your keys to: The Towers at CCNY, 401 W. 130th Street, NY, NY 10027
                Make sure to include your name and room number in the envelope with the keys! And include both your swipe card and your mailbox keys.

Q: Are moving carts available at The Towers?

A: Yes, moving carts are available for your use. Please visit the Courtesy Desk to borrow one. There are only a limited number so please make sure to return them as soon as you are done using one.

Q: Can guests assist me to move-out?

A: Yes, you may have two guests with valid government ID assist with packing and removing your belongings from The Towers. Social distancing should still be practiced and only one resident with guests should be in the elevator at one time. Movers will assist all residents relocating to Queens College and the resident does not need to be present when the movers arrive.

Q: When will more information be available about housing fees and refunds?

A: The CUNY Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, March 25th. More information is anticipated after that date. All residents will be communicated an update regarding refunds by The Towers when information becomes available.

Q: Will I have a private bedroom at Queens College?

A: Room assignments at Queens College are not known yet. All apartments at Queens College include a bathroom, furnished common area, refrigerator, microwave, and full stove. A laundry facility is located in the building.

Q: I am away from The Towers and unable to move out before Thursday. What do I do?

A: If you are unable to identify someone else to assist you, movers will pack your belongings and they will be stored until you can collect them at no cost to you. Movers are only bringing belongings to Queens College and the designated storage area.

Q: When will the class exemption letter from the CCNY Provost be available for me to share with my professor(s)?

A: The letter is expected to be e-mailed to you on Wednesday, March 25th.

Q: How is mail forwarding going to work?

A: While the office needs to work out specifics for what we are able to do, it is strongly encouraged that you utilize USPS at to forward your mail to your permanent address rather than continue to have mail come to The Towers.

Q: Can my friend or family member retrieve my belongings because I am unable to?
A: Yes, make sure you send an email to The Towers at with their name, when they are coming, and your name and room number. In addition, the person coming to get your belongings should have a valid government-issued ID.

Q: Does this impact summer or future semesters if I already renewed?

A: At this time, no. While no one knows how long this pandemic will last, The Towers hopes to be open to everyone in the fall. However, as your health and safety is a priority, we are not going to rush being open if circumstances have not improved.

Q: Will I be able to return to the building after Friday to get any belongings?

A: Unfortunately not. After Friday, the building will be in the hands of the National Guard and there will be no access back into the building for any reason.